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 We can make a positive change in your child’s life!

Our curriculum is designed by a specialist team in the UK. They use the latest educational research available; to ensure sessions are relevant and effective for each age group.

Why developmental drama?
We help children grow and flourish by encouraging them to explore their creative sides. Through our vibrant and inclusive after-school Drama Clubs, we help students learn essential skills to prepare them for life at school and beyond. We assist children with development, mental health, confidence and identity by using drama as a tool. You’ll be amazed at what it can do.

Your child will enjoy and learn from the best available. Every Drama Club session is different and fully developed with specific learning criteria. We do not “make it up as we go along”. Our content does not repeat for 4 years and is constantly being developed. Each session at Drama Club is structured, not just games and time fillers. Your child will enjoy the lack of distractions and the focus on their personal achievement.

​We are the provider of the world’s foremost developmental drama program for children aged between 5 and 17 with a reach of over 40 countries and 100,000 students a week.In New Zealand we have Drama Clubs in many parts of the country.

We take “fun learning” seriously.We know our Drama Club programme  helps children develop by being a fun and satisfying experience for all.
Our programme has stood the test of time and helped thousands of children over the years.

Over 35 years experience
in 32 countries