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Drama Club is a great experience
“Drama is a great experience. You get to know other people and gain confidence. You do fun activities like mini scripts where you do movement and speech at the same time. You learn to project and have loads of fun.
Half way through the year there is a parent’s presentation so that they know what goes on at drama. At the end of the year you put on a bigger performance. My goal is to get a plaque half way through next year.
​I have been going to Drama Club for one and a half years. Drama helped me to get a main part in our school production. Drama Club is one of the best things I do.”

Melanie, 10 years

Has helped me gain confidence to speak
“Over the past seven years my time with Helen O’Grady Drama Club has been exciting and helpful. Drama has helped me gain confidence to speak in front of a large audience and has also helped with my social skills. I have enjoyed drama club classes and I would like to say a big thank you to my teacher who helped me to get this far.”
Alexandra, 12 years

Gain results
“The Helen O’Grady Drama Academy has given me confidence to speak publicly to people I don’t know. Drama has helped me reach many speech competition finals and gain results.
Drama does not only help us to speak confidently but has given me the skills to act in small or large groups. Drama also gives us the inspiration to be able to use these skills in our later careers.
​The last five years have been very enjoyable and unforgettable.”

Holly, 11 years

A valuable part of her personal development and education
​”During the seven years our daughter has been attending the Helen O’Grady Drama Club we have seen her verbal communication skills develop and go from strength to strength.
The classes have been a valuable part of her personal development and education. It is always wonderful when your children succeed and to watch our daughter speak confidently in front of an audience has us feeling proud and very pleased for her.
It has been a huge commitment but the enjoyment and invaluable skills she has gained has made that commitment well worth it.”


She would never have had this ambition if it wasn’t for Helen O’Grady’s Drama Academy
“Our daughter Laura was introduced to Helen O’Grady Drama Club through a friend when invited to ‘Take a Friend to Drama’ night. She enjoyed it so much that she has been attending for 3 years.
It has given her confidence in speaking skills and Drama roles which she may not have developed at a young age, otherwise. It is great to have these skills prior to High School years as it has enable her to confidently enter Speech Competitions and Drama roles. It has also given her confidence to address an audience when a “thank you:” or introduction has been required.
​She is looking forward to joining the Drama group at high school and possible taking it as a subject. She would never have had this ambition if it hadn’t been for her grounding she received by attending the Helen O’Grady Drama Academy.”

Carol S.

Has developed into a confident boy, able to communicate amongst both his peers and adults alike
“Since Thomas has attended Helen O’Grady Drama Academy he has developed into a confident boy, able to communicate amongst both his peers and adults alike.
School speeches on ‘the topic of your choice’ have been a breeze for him where many children have struggled with the confidence required to present a talk clearly and confidently in front of their peers.
Thomas was required to present evidence in a Court of Law and was commended by the Judge and Lawyers on the clear and confident manner in which he communicated.
We have been thrilled with the high calibre of teachers and their dedicated involvement with the programme.
I feel very proud to introduce my son amongst any group of adults as he shakes hands, makes eye contact and confidently presents himself.
Helen O’Grady Drama Academy has provided Thomas with a stimulating environment where the boys and girls alike can learn to communicate clearly andeffectively amongst each other and in the presence of Adults.”

Paula Smith

Wonderful encouraging teachers
“My eleven year old daughter has been attending the Drama Club for the past 3 years. Over this time I have seen her confidence develop. She never hesitates to speak in front of others and is always willing to participate. During her time with the Academy she has always had wonderful encouraging teachers and looks forward to going each week. Drama Club classes are certainly a great experience for those who attend.”
Kaye Roe