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We only select the best leaders for our Drama Clubs. They must be able to deliver every day at every session. Teachers come with an extensive work and life skill base; they are not recent drama school graduates. Your child will be taught by qualified, experienced and passionate leaders.
We recognise and value the responsibility of working with your child and ensure each and every teacher has the maturity and training to ensure a fun and safe environment. You can be assured your child will be cared for in a professional manner.
All leaders have extensive teaching experience usually from within the education system. They are chosen for their ability to effectively manage a classroom. Our disciplined approach is the key to the success of our Drama Clubs. Your child will enjoy the opportunity to be expressive in a highly supportive environment that does not permit any form of anti social behaviour.
They have all undergone extensive training in Helen O’Grady curriculum and teaching methods and have been selected for their child-friendly personality. You know your child will be safe in our teachers care at Drama Club.
Imagination and creativity are at the core of each session. Our leaders are chosen for their ability to encourage and develop these attributes in your child. Most have extensive personal experience in the performing arts. They are actors, singers, magicians, and they have worked in a variety of the performing arts.  
Our teachers care about the outcomes of our sessions for your child. They know how the important life skills, learned through the medium of performance, changes young lives.  Your child will benefit from being part of this inclusive, focused, imaginative environment that we create at Drama Club.

Executive Principals

Graham and Helen Wilson
​​0800 161 131

We believe in giving children every opportunity to develop life skills and to empower them to be the very best that they can be. This wonderful programme is designed to encourage all children, from the very shy to the most extroverted, to understand and harness their own potential to achieve great things. Most importantly for children, it is enormous fun.
We are qualified teachers of the Helen O’Grady Drama System and the Executive Principals for New Zealand. We have gained extensive life skills through our involvement with theatre, marketing and teaching roles. As the parents of two children we understand the challenges that young people face and we also know the importance of being well prepared for life. We know how important it is for children to have the self-confidence to try anything, to be able to communicate clearly, and to mix with anyone.
Our classes provide a safe, fun and highly supportive environment to ensure your children are given every opportunity to express themselves without fear of judgment or ridicule. We reinforce courtesy, acceptance of others and the sheer delight that comes from expressing yourself. Our teachers are carefully selected and have to pass a rigorous selection process and training programme. They have empathy with young people and a background in theatre and education.
Every year we have the enormous honour of working with young people and helping them gain confidence and self esteem by engaging in our programme.
We value the opportunity to help your children realise their true potential. We look forward to meeting you and your children at one of our classes throughout New Zealand.

We know we can make a positive difference in your child’s life.


Sophia Parker
021 172 0337

Sophia Parker is a qualified and experienced teacher. She has past experience teaching in primary schools and teaching/managing a music academy. She has also been involved in theatre performing for many years both amateur and professional. She has a real love for music and the performing arts.
Sophia is a very vibrant and enthusiastic person with a real passion for teaching, children and performance.
“It is so rewarding to be able to teach a programme that children love, but also teach a programme that is going to change their lives in such a positive way. I see it happening on a weekly basis and get such positive feedback from parents, which makes it even more worthwhile. As a parent myself,I believe it is so important to give our children every opportunity we can for them to succeed in life. This programme is designed to do exactly that…and the best part about it is that it is so much FUN! I am passionate about what I do and because of this I hope to continue doing it for many years to come.”

Bay of Plenty

Camilla May
​022 505 4400

I am a UK trained primary teacher and have taught in New Zealand after emigrating to Tauranga with my family in January 2006. I became Principal of the Helen O’Grady Drama Academy (Bay of Plenty) in July 2008. I feel extremely privileged to be part of such an exciting, creative, and fun organization.
My vision for the Helen O’Grady Drama Academy – Bay of Plenty is to be a leading provider of a fun and dynamic self-development programme for children and teens. My mission is to develop the following skills through a variety of structured verbal communication and drama-based activities:
I strongly believe that we owe it to our children to help them become successful in whatever they choose to do in life. This can be achieved through developing their self-confidence, communication and social skills. We want our young people to become valuable members of society, comfortable taking risks and able to mix with people from all walks of life. Creative thinkers will be the next generation’s leaders. How wonderful to think that we can guide our children to become future leaders. In this rapidly developing technological age where computer games, iPods, cell phones and the TV are constant companions for so many youngsters, it is vital for us as parents, to ensure we give our children every opportunity to develop life skills which they will take with them into adulthood and ultimately ensure they will be successful in life. The Helen O’Grady Drama Academy has made such a difference to so many children’s lives, and their parent’s too! I consider myself very fortunate to be involved!


Denise and Phil Wakem
​027 230 5463

Denise is the  Principal for Wellington and Philher husband, contributes part time as a theatre specialist primarily during the performance season. Denise, who is a vibrant and caring professional, is also a qualified registered teacher with over 20 years experience in the education of children specialising in both Music and Drama. Her greatest joy is that she can now share this passion for music and drama with her students. Denise says, “Confidence, effective communication and creativity is so important in every part of our lives. It is extremely rewarding for me to watch each child develop as the Helen O’Grady programme unfolds throughout the year. I am passionate about the teaching of drama to children of all age groups and I am proud to be part of such a dynamic and caring team”.
Denise and Phil are both trained singers and carry a wealth of experience in vocal technique, theatre acting and stage performance.