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Frequently Asked Questions

Is previous drama experience necessary?
Not at all. Many children who join our Drama Clubs have never set foot on a stage before, most are joining because they are interested and want to learn new skills.

​How do I know if the programme is suitable for my child?
99% of children love our programme. However if you are unsure, we recommend enrolling in our 4 week trial. 

How often are fees paid?
We prefer fees paid in full at the commencement of each school term. However we also offer a payment plan to help spread the cost. Please ask how we can make this work for you.

Are there any other costs?
No, we pride ourselves on having one simple all inclusive club fee. You do not need to buy a uniform, pay exam fees or registration. No special clothes are required.

My child has a learning or health disability, can he/she join? 
Yes. We have many children in our classes who face extra challenges, autism, aspergers, ADHD etc. and they are most welcome to try our programme. Our methods have proved very helpful to many children who may be overlooked in mainstream education. We encourage an inclusive environment where all children are treated as equals.

Are there any exams or tests?
No. Each child is encouraged to grow at their own pace within the programme, they are not required to jump any hurdles or reach any predetermined goals.We find children grow and learn faster without the pressure of prescribed achievement levels.

My child is very shy and often bullied at school, how do you cope with this?
Our programme is designed to ensure everyone has the opportunity to grow without fear of ridicule or physical threat. We apply common sense “old fashioned” principles of classroom management. We have three rules. 1.When the teacher is speaking ,everyone else must be silent. 2. No one is permitted to touch another student or speak to them in a negative manner 3. When asked to “Freeze” everyone must be perfectly still. Children who break these rules on 3 occasions may be asked to leave the Drama Club after discussion with their parents. We do not tolerate any form of discrimination or anti social behaviour. These simple rules ensure a happy and safe environment where everyone can have fun. 

If you have other questions please get in touch below!